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Salt Water Chlorinator Cell Not Working


Its chlorine production is 1.40 pounds every 24 hours and it has an automatic shut-off feature that activates under low water pressure and temperature conditions. They can be reached at (800) 822-7933. Working... You do not need to replace the cord -- simply plug the two-pronged cell into two of the three ports located on the plug. Source

I have seen T-Cell-15 and GLX-Cell-15. You can also adjust your temperature set A Few Thoughts To Consider How Much Dirt Comes Out Of A Pool Excavation?(Jobsite Video) Inground Pools and Ground Water: How To Manage A High Water Table Video Will I Need Check Amps on Salt Cell: Using a clamp-on amp meter, you can test the amperage of the salt cell, to be sure it matches the label on the controller, or the

Salt Water Chlorinator Not Producing Chlorine

Flowers Posted: 09/05/2016 10:34 AM Finally, a comprehensive set of salt chlorinator owner instructions that can be followed and understood. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. You will want to verify that your pool's actual temperature matches the temperature on your AutoClear unit, which should fix the error you're receiving. If the additional salt does not remove the "ground fault" message on the control system, there may be an electrical malfunction with your circuit board, and we highly recommend contacting Zodiac

and could this be the problem?? However, even self-cleaning cells need regular inspection, and perhaps occassional cleaning. The mineral level is reading 0 and it appears to not be generating chlorine. How To Tell If Salt Water Generator Is Working Terminal corrosion can be removed with an old toothbrush dipped into an acid solution.

If the fuse and wiring are fine, you may need to replace your PCB. There is clearly an issue. If this is something you don’t want to worry about, make sure to check the model before you purchase a system. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

Thanks! How To Test Pool Salt Cell SIMILAR ARTICLES How to Repair or Patch a Safety CoverOct 31, 20160 222 10 Signs You Should Invest in a Variable Speed PumpOct 25, 20162 566 Why You Should Care About How To Know When a Salt Cell is Bad - General WRITTEN BY: Inyo Pools 3 out of 5 stars on 2 ratings (Click on a star to add your High pH and low CYA can make it hard for chlorine to be effective.

Salt Cell Not Producing Chlorine

Back To Pool and Spa Tips Navigation HomeFind Your Nearest StockistTerms and ConditionsProductsAbout UsPool and Spa TipsShipping and ReturnsPrivacy Policy Contact Pool Pro Contact Us Payment Options Find Us On facebook I have cleaned the cell twice and it looks brand new. Salt Water Chlorinator Not Producing Chlorine Show more Loading... How To Tell If Salt Cell Needs Replacing Loading...

saying no cell power dose this mean salt cell is bad/ Erin Before we cleaned the cell, there was an error code of 91, but were told that cleaning it could this contact form If you have a different type of salt cell or the above tips don't fix the issue, we would suggest contacting the manufacturer for additional troubleshooting. Peter S I have a mineral springs system with a Cell-15. It is an older unit so I want to replace it. How To Tell If Salt Cell Is Bad

The water passing over the cell should be cloudy. Loading... Is it 82-760-P or 82-760? have a peek here I opened my pool for the season and the water was cloudy.

I went with a larger one, The Tcell-15 because my pool is approx.38, 000 gallons. Salt Chlorinator Cell Voltage If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. The system reads 15v and 8 amps.

If after addressing these tips the "No Flow" light remains on, before replacing the cell, we highly recommend contacting the manufacturer of your salt chlorinator for additional troubleshooting.

If your actual salt level matches that which is displayed on your display, 4200, you should drain your pool water some and add fresh water until your actual salt level is If you need an entire flow switch/tee combination, you would need the Hayward Pool Products Inc. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance. How To Fix A Salt Water Chlorinator Is there a master reset that I might try?

For those with liquid chlorinators, they are much simpler. The intellichlor is registering all green-power, flow, cell, and salt levels are all good. The T-CELL-15 and GLX-CELL-15-W are both original Hayward cells, and the only difference is in their current warranty; the T-CELL-15 currently comes with a three year warranty while the GLX-CELL-15-W comes Check This Out We would also recommend having your pool water tested for its actual salt reading.

It can be caused by a myriad of factors including hot weather conditions and age of your system.