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Samba User Authentication Not Working


Files containing the configuration option log level = 3 and only those users will get more detailed logging. You should read the # smb.conf(5) manual page in order to understand the options listed # here. However, on some systems the nobody account is not allowed to access some services (e.g., printing), and you might need to set the guest user to ftp or some other account Escape character is '^]'.

With this token, the domain controller will not have to revalidate the user's password each time she attempts to access another share within the domain. The server does the same thing with the encrypted password stored in its database. no Global unix password sync Boolean If yes, updates the standard Unix password database when a user changes his encrypted password. Browsing and ping use ICMP and UDP; file and print services (shares) use TCP.

Samba Not Accepting Username Password

Plaintext passwords are sent over the Internet and can be retrieved from TCP packets by malicious snoopers. It's essentially a connectivity test, done via a broadcast to the default broadcast address. You may wish to override the location of the # printcap file ; printing = bsd ; printcap name = /etc/printcap # CUPS printing. Unless you absolutely need the NetBEUI protocol, remove it.

FreeNAS has a shell command wrapper in Code:/usr/local/www/freenasUI/middleware/ The naming is rather unexpected, but from there one can see that freeNAS basically tries to use Code:smbpasswd -a when adding an So the example becomes: [global] unix password sync = yes passwd program = changepass %u Note that this program is called as the root user when the unix password sync option A minimal smb.conf file In the following tests, we assume you have a [temp] share suitable for testing, plus at least one account. Samba Share Password Not Working This option simply specifies the Unix command used to change a user's standard system password.

Currently supported print systems include: # bsd, sysv, plp, lprng, aix, hpux, qnx printing = cups # This option tells cups that the data has already been rasterized cups options = Routing, network cards, OSI, etc. Utensil that forms meat into cylinders Strange random behavior in where clause I'm technical referent but I lost the lead for technical decisions Ultrasonic Sensors and Pets Texas, USA speed ticket Find More Posts by twsnnva 07-31-2005, 04:05 PM #3 linux-rulz Member Registered: Dec 2004 Distribution: Windows XP Home, Ubuntu Hoary Posts: 584 Original Poster Rep: I figured out the

smb4.conf Code: [global] server max protocol = SMB2 encrypt passwords = yes dns proxy = no strict locking = no oplocks = yes deadtime = 15 max log size = 51200 Samba Log Is there some config file for samba which has the authentication info and/or share ownership mapping? Is the Caesar cipher really a cipher? time=0.

Samba Share Keeps Asking For Username And Password

Figure 9-3. The admin users option allows PC users to act as administrators for particular shares. Samba Not Accepting Username Password I have a share setup as \\Data1\data as well, which contains the user home director. Samba Won't Accept Password Like the hosts equiv option discussed earlier, using such a file is a security risk.

If the name is prefixed by an ampersand (&), it is interpreted as an NIS group name rather than as a Unix group name. this contact form In fact, if you set the security = share option in the Samba configuration file, Samba will still reuse the username/password combinations in the system password files to authenticate access. The arp -a command lists all the addresses known on the local system.) Here are some things to try: If you receive a message like at (incomplete), the Ethernet address Here, the -d (debug or log-level) and -B (broadcast address) options direct queries to specific systems. Samba Can't Login

Samba has a huge number of configurable options most of which # are not shown in this example # # Some options that are often worth tuning have been included as Many Unix users, however, choose passwords with both upper- and lowercase letters. Show : My Main System FreeNAS-9.3.1-STABLE-(likely forever) | Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 | Supermicro X9SCM-F 32GB DDR3 ECC 1600 RAM | 32GB SATA DOM | Cyberpower 1500AVR | Ten WD Red WD60EFRX Note that unless instructed otherwise (i.e., a guest connection), Samba will expect both the client and the server user to have the same password.

If you wish to force read-only or read/write access on users who access a share, you can do so with the read list and write list options, respectively. Smb Authentication Failure You are connecting to [temp] before connecting to your home directory, and your guest account isn't set up correctly. You should ensure that a valid home directory does exist, however, as Samba will not automatically create a home directory for a user and will refuse a tree connect if the

A valid hosts option that doesn't include the server, or an invalid hosts option that does.

If that is the case, make sure that smb.conf doesn't contain the option browsing = no. passwd chat debug If set to yes, the passwd chat debug global option logs everything sent or received by Samba during a password chat. hosts equiv This global option specifies the name of a standard Unix hosts.equiv file that allows hosts or users to access shares without specifying a password. Samba Windows Cannot Access In a nutshell, my problem was the last active line in my [global] stanza, which was set to "security = share".

I'm going to start off by saying I really, truely, hate SAMBA. This indicates that the nmbd server is registered and (we hope) is waiting to answer requests. Skip back to Section 12.2.4, earlier in this chapter, and retest the daemons. If there was an error, the error value (e.g., ENOENT) and its explanation are also shown.

If you have both types of systems on your network, you should ensure that the passwords represented by each user are stored both in a traditional account database and Samba's encrypted If a client works with another server, then it's, as far as I'm concerned, server breakage. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the been linked to insufficient sleep"?

Splitting feature using gaps around in ArcGIS for Desktop? One Itemize problem Getting "Current Sitecore database cannot be established" using Sitecore Powershell Extensions Why do solar planes have many small propellers instead of fewer large ones? Check both the address and the netmasks on source and destination systems to see if something is obviously wrong. If you run into errors, check your log files in /var/log/samba.

Note that Samba does not necessarily have access to the plain-text password for this user, so the password changing program must be invoked as root.[2] If the Unix password change does Does anybody know how I can configure my samba to work as a simple share with 1:1 between unix and windows NT users. One of Samba's most complicated tasks lies in reconciling the security models of Unix and Windows systems. These host-specific configuration files can contain an encrypted passwords = yes option that activates only when those clients are connecting to the server.

Server-level security This is the same as user-level security, except that the Samba server uses another server to validate users and their passwords before granting access to the share. Well, a server cannot and shouldn't be able to choose its clients, esp. Each user who attempts to connect to a share not allowing guest access must provide a password to make a successful connection. If you received 530 Logon Incorrect, you connected successfully, but you've just found a different problem.

If so, you should use that address, rather than one on a different network, for both performance and reliability reasons. See the winbindd manual page for details. Servers can also have multiple names for a single Ethernet address, especially if they are web servers. If you get Connect error: Connection refused, the server was found, but it wasn't running an nmbd daemon.

Table 9-1.