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Samsung Smartphone Internet Not Working


reply I’m glad that it helped Submitted by James Bond on Fri, 11/08/2013 - 6:42pm Thank you ZLFS for taking the time to leave such a kind comment. Better MattersIf something is important, it should just work. One other thing that you might want to take a look at is the applications that you have downloaded onto your phone. yeah, I think that one was a lie.). have a peek here

reply mmmmm Submitted by soos (not verified) on Mon, 10/14/2013 - 5:51am i tried this and it doesn't work either :( any way .. It helps me a lot. TV, Internet & Home Phone BundlesThe speed of FiOS paired with America’s largest, most reliable network. Here are our tips to capture...

Data Connection Problem In Android Mobile

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Especially power saving applications that like to turn off certain features of your phone to save power, features like Wi-Fi. Typically, I can pick up between 10 and 15 Wi-Fi networks from around the neighborhood most all of which are strong signals. Out of the blue my phone will no longer connect. Mobile Data Not Working On Samsung Can you believe it?

I am at wits end and do not know what else to do besides pay for a phone upgrade and hope to god that I can connect with a diff phone.. Why Is My Internet Not Working On My Iphone You can call your network to ask for your APN settings, and you can also check our list of APNs here to find what information to type in, and where. It sounds like an issue with the password(s) and the phone and the router not having a strong enough or proper handshake. Following the first step in this article and triple checking the password can usually help to resolve authentication failed errors and allow you to get back on track and connected to

In Samsung's most recent devices, the term "Internet" is actually relating to its default browser. Mobile Data Not Working Vodafone I have hard reset the phone, but after a while it started doing this again. This is a free service we are offering with no strings attached. If it shows multiple options like a Network Key, or Wireless Key try them all to make sure it’s connected properly; this is very important.

Why Is My Internet Not Working On My Iphone

Make sure Mobile data is turned on in this next page. Thank you for providing the information on what you have done so far though because it helps get down to the issue. Data Connection Problem In Android Mobile If an app’s malfunctioned or the phone’s not been reading the SIM card properly, this will reset it. Mobile Data Not Working Android Thax reply Trying to fix an Android when Apps cannot access the internet Submitted by James Bond on Sun, 07/13/2014 - 7:09pm Hey Kevin, A strange issue you have there if

reply pantech burst 4g lte Submitted by Ceci (not verified) on Thu, 10/17/2013 - 6:06pm I connect to wifi and it says it is connecting, but the bars at the top navigate here I read a lot of stuff so I open more than five tabs while browsing to read some interesting articles online. You’re completely right though. My Wi-Fi comes through just fine in my workshop which as a motorcycle shop is full of metal shelving and parts plus all the large pieces of shop equipment, motorcycles, parts, My Mobile Data Is On But Not Working

Submitted by James Bond on Fri, 11/08/2013 - 7:37pm So there is no problem connecting to the free, local, and I am assuming non password protected Wi-Fi and once connected there Troubleshooting Assistant Support Our interactive Troubleshooting Assistants provide a visual guide to walk you through the most common issues and their resolutions Popular Content Samsung Galaxy Note7 Recall & Exchange FAQs reply Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Are the date and time settings on your smartphone correct?

This guide is exactly what you’re looking for as it lists some common reasons why this can happen on an Android phone and better yet it provides some advice on how Mobile Data Not Working On Samsung Galaxy S5 It means the firmware is the one triggering it and not just other apps. I am using my Mobile Networks (Packet Data) but my browser does not work and the error is : Data Connectivity Problem.

Is your HTC EVO having any other types of connection issues that you can think of?

I tried to include most Wi-Fi issues and how they can be resolved in the article above. I know that you have turned off your cellular data and the Wi-Fi allows you to pull internet through your home internet but you might also want to use another device You shouldn’t have to turn off your cellular data to use the data through your home internet the phone should do this automatically as soon as it establishes a Wi-Fi connection. Mobile Data Not Working Iphone If somehow there is a software bug, glitch, virus, etc that snuck onto the phone then a reset will wipe out that issue and set the phone to like new condition

This is also found on a card or sticker that came with your router, unless it's been changed since it was installed! Can you solve my problem? It is an old phone that I had to start using again after loosing my new phone. this contact form Partners iKream - iPhone Troubleshooting Disclaimer Disclaimer: we are not affiliated with the device manufacturers or phone carriers we mention in any way, all suggestions are based on our own experience and

If you’re able to go to a local fast food restaurant, coffee shop, book store, or library that offers free Wi-Fi internet and you are able to connect to it with Partners iKream - iPhone Troubleshooting Disclaimer Disclaimer: we are not affiliated with the device manufacturers or phone carriers we mention in any way, all suggestions are based on our own experience and You might see a Network Key, or Wireless Key etc. A wireless connection doesn’t always mean an internet connection as well.

I am in process of doing a 2nd factory reset, but there's still no connection. You shouldn’t need to press the reset button, just pull out the power cord from the router or modem, count to 15 sec, and then plug the power cable back in, You can read more about this problem at how to fix a “webpage not available” error message on an Android phone if you would like more information about this issue.If you Content TransferEasily transfer contacts, photos and videos from one device to another.

Some show a password for a wireless connection and another password for a wired connection. Before I got your response I went to an A T and T store and one of the clerks actually got it for me. It was nice to meet you Elaine and don’t forget to have a fantastic day. ~James~ reply YES!?