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Second Life Music Stream Not Working


Have you been missing the jigsaws, the messages about our TV shows, the updates about events... 2 years ago The Microcosm of Ms. Plan D: Verify that your local audio system is working: try other sound software, such as Skype. - Sound plays too fast or too slow Toggle **** Related Music scene in Is there an explanation, or is my only option to once again comb the Shoutcast listings to find more working URLs. OK, so I did that last week .... ).

Show Justme Sideways added a comment - 15/Aug/11, 04:55 AM +0200 I've experienced the same issue quite often, but have found a workaround for me. Show Tammy Kelly added a comment - 21/Jul/11, 01:42 AM +0200 I am having the same problem. cool Naxos 6 years ago Dashboard Messages - I know I love the extended hours of daylight in the spring and summer. Firestorm says it is playing but I do not hear.

Second Life Music Streams

The only viewer that allows me to hear streaming music is the 64 bit version of Imprudence, which is a true 64 bit viewer (currently the only 64 bit viewer available).Hey I agree with Erwin, why make one functional and accustomed thing into 2? If you've already registered, sign in.

Follow to keep up to date on our latest happenings like the E... 1 year ago Orca's World What the Fuck are You Still Doing Here??? - Orcablog has moved For the development team, I suggest they might just keep the Viewer2 everything-media button just like it is. It’s no big deal, now that I understand it. Second Life Radio Stations 2016 Yours, KarenMichelle Lane~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm possible" !-- Audrey Hepburn Report Inappropriate Content Message 6 of 12 (1,982 Views)   Reply Esquievel Easterwood Honored Resident Posts: 93

This is personal radio to share. Second Life Radio Stations 2015 Sign In Register Community Guidelines Second Life WhatIsSecondLife? You would send a single stream of music (around 6-8k/s) to the streaming relay provider. How to play streaming music in Second Life - Second Life Wiki *** Music events in Second Life - You can stream these events to your land if you have the

I've tried other viewers and uninstalling and reinstalling the viewer as well.. Second Life Video Streams I just make sure to pause the music while I have a stream that is off air before I TP. Sample station: Alternative: Sending your live stream to a streaming relay server There are several methods for sending your music to a streaming relay provider. If you've already registered, sign in.

Second Life Radio Stations 2015

Show Bonnie Stewart added a comment - 11/Jul/11, 10:26 PM +0200 Hi again, Let me give that one a test before you move this one back. Ads are from Google - Drop by my place in Second life Location Link. Second Life Music Streams Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5770 Windows Graphics Driver Version: 8.17.0010.1043 OpenGL Version: 4.0.10207 Compatibility Profile Context Viewer Skin: firestorm (grey) RestrainedLove API: (disabled) libcurl Version: libcurl/7.21.1 OpenSSL/0.9.8j zlib/1.2.3 c-ares/1.7.1 J2C How To Dj In Second Life While 80 is a possible match it's not a likely match.

Powered by Blogger. If so then All That Glitters is for you. You have a bit of packetloss there. Now it STILL works in Winamp, but not in SL. Shoutcast Second Life

I have created a Google+ collection that replaces the site. Whats your max bandwidth setting in Avatar -> Preferences -> Network & cache? The local/correct stream is then playing for me. check over here What am I missing?

Please file a support ticket here if youd like more help too. Second Life Streaming Music Not Playing I think you have a strange bug...but still a bug. Is it possible that its this issue here you are seeing?

You must either own the land or be in the group that owns the land and have a role with that authority.

You can create a 24/7 stream with unlimited listeners at no cost here [] Create Your Own Radio Stream You can also upload your own personal messages to play in stream, Below are the slides I used for my Cube of NaNo (behold, it wil... 3 weeks ago Life at the Feeding Edge PSVR, is it any good? - Last week the Report Inappropriate Content (8,100 Views) Comments (0) Permalink 0 Kudos You must be a registered user to add a comment. Firestorm Viewer No Music Bandwidth is set to 4000.

Hide Permalink Erwin Solo added a comment - 20/Jul/11, 02:10 AM +0200 Whirly, I am the User 2 in this Fire-2240 report, in addition to being the principal in SUP-4856. In at least once case, I can take a URL from a working SL "radio" device (that is, the radio still does play some URLs correctly, and where this URL used Try moving the Quality and Performance slider to Low. this content Due to the amount of bandwidth required for multiple streams, the price of streaming can vary.