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Second Life Streaming Video Not Working


Check the SLPlugin file Relog Firestorm and open the Search window Go to your computer processes and look for “slplugin.exe” For Windows users, go to Task Manager → Processes Tab For Only run Second Life and your capture/broadcasting software on your source computer. Whirly Fizzle April 2, 2016 Can you also check if you can see the movies playing on the VEA TV at the store here: Whirly Fizzle April 2, 2016 New However, with a few minor changes, this stream will play in Second Life: It is that easy!

Course probably couldnt see the problem if you didnt have a MAC . Helpful Links Capture/Broadcasting solutions QuickTime Broadcaster Windows Media Encoder 9 Camtasia Studio 4 VaraSoftware Netro Media For a list of software capture and broadcast solutions, Google: "streaming video software" (remember that FlipperPA says: January 6, 2009 at 4:41 pm This is the easiest way to get it done. You can see in the viewer log that the QuickTime plugin still launches, but that the QuickTime version shows as 0 now and media will not play.

How To Watch Movies In Second Life

Flash works find outside of SL but not being the latest is a real pain. Quicktime *does* come bundled with the viewer (all viewers, not just Firestorm) but Quicktime media will fail to play unless you actually have Quicktime installed from The TV creator is As of April 2016, the Windows version of this product has been deprecated by Apple, although it has two known critical vulnerabilities. In those cases, the video should be compressed so it retains most of its visual quality but is compact enough to stream over the Internet.

A good, free, and malware-free converter is Super (c) available from here (download link near bottom of page) and another is H.264, available here. Test the movie outside of Second Life 4.5 5. Download, Install, Relog viewer and you should be fixed. Firestorm Quicktime Streaming video into Second Life is fairly simple and provides you with increased abilities in information delivery for businesses and educators, as well as greater potential for entertainment venues and special

A very inelegant solution though :))You see people posting screen captures in youtube, PS tutorials for example, however to stream in real time would allow interactivity with others in SL and Report Inappropriate Content Message 6 of 6 (6,929 Views)   Reply « Message Listing « Previous Topic Next Topic » Reply AffiliateProgram Second LifeMarketplace Second LifeBlogs Second Life Developers Destination Guide I could watch the TV shows but not the movies. Second Life?

I noticed that when I played the video again, it was less choppy. Firestorm Tv Not Working But ALL videos inworld not. I updated flash as well as quick time player on my computer, and the videos started playing again, but there was no audio. I Hear No Music or Sound from Movies Go to Preferences → Sound & Media -> Sounds and make sure the volume sliders for streaming music and media are not all

Second Life Movies Not Working

Britney is beautiful, of course (this was way before her current troubles), and this video doesn't ignore that fact. Make Second Life the window to capture in WME9: Click Properties > Sources > [Video] Configure. How To Watch Movies In Second Life Do fruit flies like coffee? Second Life Tv Not Working Location of the demo TV at the Damani store is here: Note that the Damani TV was updated recently (it had actually been broken for quite a while when YouTube

for Youtube on MAC Apple tntmail Feb 28, 2014 8:53 AM (in response to Mike M) Yea i dont have any issues outside of either. have a peek at these guys All version are workingon the Windows platform. for Youtube on MAC Apple Nintin Dec 20, 2014 5:33 AM (in response to fossilraf) Hi everyone, I do have the same problem, video never worked for me, get audio only. Re: Flash 11.8 through 12.x does not work with Secondlife? Media Plugin Quicktime Second Life

Keep posting such kind of information on your blog. AmberStarfield April 3, 2016 No worries 🙂 I didn't see a 1.93 version at the store. Try sudo apt-get install pepperflashplugin-nonfree Also see for more about using the viewer in Linux Mister Acacia April 2, 2016 Sorry, but its already installed! I thought maybe it was because I was on a Mac, but also solved another PC's user inability to view video's as well.

I place one knee on the ground look up at the awestruck glowing flames of the rebirth of the Phoenix-Firestorm. Firestorm Media Tv Firestormfuckedmeintheass April 7, 2016 I checked the VEA curve TV at their store. Needless to say, ensure that you avoid copyright infringement.

for Youtube on MAC Apple tntmail Feb 24, 2014 1:19 PM Flash 11.8 through 12.x does not work with Secondlife?

I hope that all SL media creators are aware of the current QuickTime issue though. An example can be found in your Second Life inventory: Inventory > Library > Objects > Media Player After dragging and dropping the media player object onto your land: Right-click on Having to downgrade screws with everything else I uses like youtube, Xfinity, and others. Quicktime Media Player A world class viewer that has taken everyone of us to the edge of their dreams.

reinstalled and retested passes every test on the web i can find including playing flash games. Audio "Fading" If the music volume fades as you cam around or edit objects, check the sound equalization settings in your operating system. Anon April 10, 2016 You shouldn't need to install Quicktime on CEF enabled viewers. this content Streaming servers allow multiple users to experience a video at the same time.

Click Audio & Video tab. But hey, if I want to watch Youtube videos, my TV still works…:) LizzyL June 25, 2016 LL now have a project viewer available which removes Quicktime support from the viewer I was hoping for an updated TV that only uses Flashplayer, but considering that Flashplayer may be on it's "last leg" what will that mean for TV's in SL? Those steps will show you how.

It is a pure mp4 stream. Second Life? In my opinion it's also the best one currently available. I do know VEA TV's are removing all Quicktime media in their next update.

Second Life? This wasn't a response to me but this explains it! Testest on different machines . Unless an outdated version of it might explain why a few things did not worked, but otherwise… This has always been a must have on a daily basis of Internet browsing. and Anon April 16, 2016 I was incorrect in what I said above - that you don't need to have Quicktime installed on Windows on CEF enabled viewers because Then, I learned in the Apple forums, from a user who had the same experience, that the company is going under. Whirly Fizzle May 3, 2016 When will we no longer have to install Flash player & Quicktime, to take full advantage of Shared Media? Youtube is the best known example of video streaming, but they use the Flash flv format which cannot be used in SLOS.