Will Java Minecraft discontinue?

I didn’t know where to ask this so I asked it here, It sees that bedrock edition is a newer sleeker version that everyone goes to when they first get the game and ps4 seems like it will merge as well, is the same going to happen to the original version of the game?

The version that may have fewer players but still manages to have a bigger community? The diverse version that can be modded, have resource packs and maps made and uploaded to the internet so that anyone can enjoy them free of charge?

Hell no, lots of changes to launchers and updates. It ain’t gonna happen. In my opinion, java edition is so much better for the reasons of easy modding, shaders, map downloads, free skins, and little to no micro-transactions. Not only that, Java feels so much more responsive than Bedrock edition. There are too many players on java, there’s no way they’d discontinue it unless it starts making less money than it’s worth.