Invisibility potion?

One of my friends has only started playing about a month ago and we have started a Minecraft world together. He is picking it up very fast but I have a very evil plan. He will not know about my disc 11. We have a mining hub room where he goes afk a lot of the time looking at stuff on his phone but he’s still there just not paying attention.

So my plan is to do a skeleton-creeper disc farm until I have disc 11. Hide a music box in the ceiling somewhere. Then when he’s clearly there but AFK I will say I’ve got to go for 10 mins. Mute my mic but not actually go anywhere. Wait about 2 mins. Drink an invisibility potion. Start playing disc 11 and block off the entrance with obsidian. Go around knocking out all the torches one by one. He scares easily and he WILL BE FREAKING OUT AT THIS. Then just as it reaches the end and it sounds like a monster comes out, I will hit him once with my sword as to not kill him but just give even more of a scare.

It is quite an evil plan as like I said he scares easily. Any time he is mining and finds lava he screams. Any time a creeper surprises him he also screams.

But it will be hilarious. If my id is still visible above my head then sadly I won’t be able to do most of it, all I can do is pretend I’m not there and just play disc 11 which will still freak him out having never heard it before. He will definitely think it’s some scary monster he’s never experienced before coming for him in Minecraft.

Villager problem

So I was like an idiot, I build my house near a village and I didn’t take the time to defend it. So I got mining and few day and when I came back there is two villager left, the rest were probably killed by zombies. Nothing we can do I moved on…

Then I build a wall around the village and light it up, is there is any chance my village will be populated again in a near future? How do I force my villager to make baby? I thrown a bunch of bread at them but it didn’t work, do I have to feed them bread or something?

Minecraft Servers Internal Error

So I’m usually playing Minecraft online on servers. Today I’m trying to log into a server to play with friends, but it keeps booting me about a minute after logging in with some strange error.

I was always able to log onto the server fine before because I started gathering supplies and started to build my new base away from the community base that’s been set up. I’m trying to log back in now, and I’m unable to do so because of the annoying Java error.

I was hopping to fix this by updating Java so I went and updated to the latest version of Java tonight, and I still got the same error. I tried restarting my router a few times and that also did not solve my issue. Firewall doesn’t appear to be the issue either as I’ve checked that too, even tried disabling.

However, if I use my phone as a hotspot it works just fine, but I’m really not trying to use my data to play a game on my PC. Another player on the server said that after the server got restarted, he was able to play fine, so it looks like an server issue.

Sadly the server owner is on vacation right now though, so I’m looking to see if there’s another alternative to resolving this issue rather than him just having to restart the server, think changing my IP would fix the issue? How would I go about that? I have static IP.

Also I’m trying to play on public servers on the latest version of Minecraft, Java edition, and I have no mods installed, so totally clean, using Windows 10.