Should Wool Reduce Fall Damage?

Today on Reditt a conversation that has been proposed previously has been brought up again. The conversation dealt with the topic of a means to reduce fall damage for players that jump off of cliffs. The suggestion was that falling on wool should reduce the damage taken from falling from high altitude. Now for those of you who don’t know, there is already a way to do this with enchantment. But, the idea itself makes sense just from a physics standpoint: falling on cement should hurt a lot more than falling on wool. But, as we all know, Minecraft physics sometimes does not makes sense.

Now, this got some other people thinking about other ways to reduce fall damage. Apparently, there is already a way to give oneself an unlimited amount of fall damage with only 3 pieces of iron ingots. Can anyone guess what it is? Anyone? Anyone? It’s a bucket full of water! Yes, this is just one more of the seemingly unlimited reasons why a water bucket is something you absolutely need to bring with you on any Minecraft adventure. Now, someone said that they would rather have reduced fall damage than unlimited fall damage. Doing this however, would meant that this conversation would actually have taken away from a very cool part of this game. For this reason, we do not support the addition of wool blocks reducing fall damage, insofar as it means that water buckets will no longer be able to carry us down cliffs like a waterfall.