Yay Notch!

Today it was announced by several Mojang employees that Notch gave his dividend to them  for the year. Considering how much money Notch has accumulated over the year, this is an insanely generous thing to do. Now, to really get a grasp of how generous this actually was, which, in all honesty, is borderline reckless, one should understand what a dividend really is.

A ‘dividend’ is usually in reference to the money that is paid to shareholders. So, depending on how much shares that Notch owns of Minecraft, this could either be a lot or a little. This is actually a weird thing for Notch to be done, because typical these sorts of things are done on publicly traded companies. Since Mojang is a privately owned company, it would make more sense for Notch to have given them some sort of bonus instead of his dividend. But, whatever.

Anyway, this move is sure to give Notch some good publicity. Like he needs it. Who doesn’t like Notch? The only people that we can think of are some crazy cave dwelling hardcore Dwarf Fortress cult fanatics. As much as we like the idea of that game, we just can’t get into it, because we don’t know what the heck we are looking at.