The Community Reacts

In regards to the undiscovered secret that Notch hinted at yesterday, one thing has been discovered since the announcement is that the secret is an undiscovered discovery. So anyway, the Minecraft community has exploded with interest and speculation. They will not stop until they figure it out. They are going to figure it out by way of the brute force method – this method is basically described the way it sounds, it is the method of finding out a code or a secret by trying every single possible combination until he code is cracked. As an example, if one was to try crack the code of a safe lock, they would try every possible combination until they found the code. Now, this method usually takes a long long time, as you would expect. But, with a gaming community of over 5 million players, one would think this would take less time. However, the secret has not been found yet so far, so it is quite possible that it will take a long time.
Anyway, on with the brute force method that the Minecraft community is employing. So, someone posted a very detailed list of all of the blocks that are in the game but do not have a dancing recipe. So, if you want to dedicate countless hours to this very noble cause, go ahead and start trying out the seemingly infinite amount of combinations that the secret recipe could be. And let’s hope that it is actually something cool.