Pillager spawn theory (Minecraft)


Pillager spawn theory (Minecraft)

Over the last few days, I've complained on several threads about how Pillager patrols are appearing at stupidly high rates near (and often IN) our walled-off village. Sometimes literally within ten blocks in front of me (and even on my roof of stairs and bottom-half slabs, so the grass/dirt requirement is BS).

I've also read that patrols are supposed to spawn ~200 blocks from the village (and spiral in towards it). This entire time I've been contesting that claim because – as previously stated – they'll appear directly in town and right by me. What I didn't think about until today, is that there's another village on the other side of the mountain from ours. If I had to guess, I would put it at roughly 200 blocks from us. Now I'm wondering if the patrols that have been plaguing our village are actually spawning for the other village and just getting distracted by ours because it's closer to them when they spawn in.

So a few questions…

- If I were to burn gently relocate the villagers in the other village and destroy their beds, would that stop the pillager patrols from spawning for that village? (Assuming they are indeed intended for that village and not ours)
- Is the 200 block distance thing true for others? And if so, is it from the center of the village, or from the border?
- If from the border of the village, could I expand the villager to merge the two, and stop the patrol spawns inside the village that way?
- Can multiple villages even merge to become one?

TL;DR – I suspect frequent pillager patrol spawns to be intended for a nearby village and I need assistance ending this perpetual annoyance.