The Community Reacts

In regards to the undiscovered secret that Notch hinted at yesterday, one thing has been discovered since the announcement is that the secret is an undiscovered discovery. So anyway, the Minecraft community has exploded with interest and speculation. They will not stop until they figure it out. They are going to figure it out by way of the brute force method – this method is basically described the way it sounds, it is the method of finding out a code or a secret by trying every single possible combination until he code is cracked. As an example, if one was to try crack the code of a safe lock, they would try every possible combination until they found the code. Now, this method usually takes a long long time, as you would expect. But, with a gaming community of over 5 million players, one would think this would take less time. However, the secret has not been found yet so far, so it is quite possible that it will take a long time.
Anyway, on with the brute force method that the Minecraft community is employing. So, someone posted a very detailed list of all of the blocks that are in the game but do not have a dancing recipe. So, if you want to dedicate countless hours to this very noble cause, go ahead and start trying out the seemingly infinite amount of combinations that the secret recipe could be. And let’s hope that it is actually something cool.

Undiscovered Secret

Today Notch announced that even though 5.2 million copies of Minecraft copies been sold and hundreds of millions of hours played, there is still a secret in the game that no one has found yet. The revelation came up in a conversation between Notch and SpyParty’s Chris Hecker. Notch did not release any details as to what this undiscovered might be – however, Notch did reveal that it was so secret, that consulting a wiki was almost required to discover part of what the secret content is.

Since then, the Minecraft community has exploded over what it might be. To think, Minecraft has such a huge fanbase and there is still something undiscovered. With how much game time has been logged, this secret (supposing Notch just isn’t trolling us) must be pretty hard core. Especially considering the fact that tens of thousands of modders have literally memorized the source code for the game. How could something like this get past them?

Some have speculated that because of this, it could be a hidden texture feature – a bug might have been left in the game on purpose. Some also proposed that the secret could be gaps in the code which will allow for certain things to happen. Whatever it is, the hunt is on!

Enderman Should Not Delete Blocks

This is more of a glitch fix than a suggestion, but wouldn’t it be cool if Endermen dropped the blocks they are carrying when killed? This would provide a more realistic feel to killing them. Doing this would also serve as an easier way to get grass than leveling up for a long time just for a chance to get a rare enchantment.

This has been brought up several times in the Minecraft community, and it just sort of makes sense to make it happen. This topic brought up several other conversations of things that could be fixed. The theme of the topic generally deals with entropy – or not allowing mass to be destroyed. For instance, it would also be nice to see blocks reappear after they despawn.

Just so no one is confused, Enderman used to be able to pick up things like wood, cobblestone, and even bedrock, but not anymore due to recent bug changes. But Enderman can still pick up anything else. And that means that these fiends can take diamond and other valuables and they will be gone forever if we kill them while they hold these items. As good as this would be to fix, in an infinitely generated world, this is hardly a major problem.

All About Roller Coasters

Someone recently suggested that since people like to use mine cart tracks to create their own roller coasters, it would be a good idea to add upside-down and vertical mine cart tracks. CheesyXbox, who made the suggestion on Reditt, said that these tracks could be created by inserting a slime ball to make the mine tracks sticky, and thus, let the user stick to a vertical and upside down surface.

The topic became controversial, even though it didn’t get very much views. One person agreed, one person said that underpowered rails would do the job, and someone else wrote a long reply explaining why it would not work.

Acsheu’s argument was that for vertical tracks, you will need to have two rail blocks occupying the same block space, which will not and does not work. To explain what would need to happen for it to work, we would need to have more underwater content, because water takes up block space. Acsheu said that if you make a horizontal and vertical tack piece combined one look, you will basically end up with a sloped track block, but with a different look and mesh. Even though Acsheu does not believe that vertical tracks are possible, he is in the opinion that upside down tracks could work, if minecarts were attached to tracks, which they are not.

Yay Notch!

Today it was announced by several Mojang employees that Notch gave his dividend to them  for the year. Considering how much money Notch has accumulated over the year, this is an insanely generous thing to do. Now, to really get a grasp of how generous this actually was, which, in all honesty, is borderline reckless, one should understand what a dividend really is.

A ‘dividend’ is usually in reference to the money that is paid to shareholders. So, depending on how much shares that Notch owns of Minecraft, this could either be a lot or a little. This is actually a weird thing for Notch to be done, because typical these sorts of things are done on publicly traded companies. Since Mojang is a privately owned company, it would make more sense for Notch to have given them some sort of bonus instead of his dividend. But, whatever.

Anyway, this move is sure to give Notch some good publicity. Like he needs it. Who doesn’t like Notch? The only people that we can think of are some crazy cave dwelling hardcore Dwarf Fortress cult fanatics. As much as we like the idea of that game, we just can’t get into it, because we don’t know what the heck we are looking at.

Should Wool Reduce Fall Damage?

Today on Reditt a conversation that has been proposed previously has been brought up again. The conversation dealt with the topic of a means to reduce fall damage for players that jump off of cliffs. The suggestion was that falling on wool should reduce the damage taken from falling from high altitude. Now for those of you who don’t know, there is already a way to do this with enchantment. But, the idea itself makes sense just from a physics standpoint: falling on cement should hurt a lot more than falling on wool. But, as we all know, Minecraft physics sometimes does not makes sense.

Now, this got some other people thinking about other ways to reduce fall damage. Apparently, there is already a way to give oneself an unlimited amount of fall damage with only 3 pieces of iron ingots. Can anyone guess what it is? Anyone? Anyone? It’s a bucket full of water! Yes, this is just one more of the seemingly unlimited reasons why a water bucket is something you absolutely need to bring with you on any Minecraft adventure. Now, someone said that they would rather have reduced fall damage than unlimited fall damage. Doing this however, would meant that this conversation would actually have taken away from a very cool part of this game. For this reason, we do not support the addition of wool blocks reducing fall damage, insofar as it means that water buckets will no longer be able to carry us down cliffs like a waterfall.

Reasons for continuous running of minecraft servers business

Minecraft servers are the servers for the online playing of games. A person can play games of their interest, either solo or with their partners or friends in multiplayer. These servers provide power to the host of a company to control, which player to play the game and restricted to play the game. The parents of the kids can have a check over the games played by them and restrict some games to be played.

If a person wants to run the server for a long time or make the minecraft gaming server as the permanent occupation, then they should hire a server host. The host should be trustworthy and render fast services to the user. A user will not have interest in the website which is availing slow online services to the user. For the continuous running of the business, it is vital to have a host who can deliver fast services and trusted to deliver.

Qualities of a host to keep the business running 

To keep the business running for a long time, a person should hire a host who can trust to deliver and provides fast services to the users. As there is no patience in the user, so they do not like an online business which provide slow services to the user.

1. Honest host – A faithful and honest host is who assures the users that the site will be open and available for the user anytime. It is in the hands of the host to maintain a good or bad relationship with the loyal customers of the business. The host server of the minecraft servers should have a backup plan when the business is going from the downtime and can remain a good relationship with the loyal customers of online business.

2. The pace of services provided – With the quality of reliability, the pace of loading of site matters. The speed of the services should be fast. The slower rate of the services will ruin the relation of the online business with loyal customers.

3. Quality of the hardware –Thequality of services rendered by the online business depends on the quality of hardware and technology used in the server. The superior quality hardware will ensure fast services and smooth functioning of the business resulting in the long life of the online business.

4. The flexibility of disk space – The host of the server should ensure that the disk space of the minecraft servers is flexible. As the demand increases with time, the software can introduce more online games. A good host will result in the growth of business and flexibility in disk space.

5. Prices – There is the fact that the more you pay for a plan, the more benefits you derive from it. A good host charges a reasonable price to the user, which can be affordable by all. The user should be careful with the sites which offer lower charge in the beginning and later for new feature charge additional prices.

Minecraft 1.14.4 mods

With every new release of Minecraft all mods have to be updated or they will stop working of course. Since Minecraft 1.14.4 is still kinda new thing we’ve been getting a lot of questions if there are already 1.14.4 servers and mods.

The question requires two part answer, the good and the bad.

Now, the bad thing is many mods are in fact still not updated and as always some are abandoned. But there’s really nothing we can do about that, Minecraft was like that since forever.

The good part your ask? Many mods are already updated and working on Minecraft 1.14.4, there’s also working version of Forge for Minecraft 1.14.4.

Some of the mods include, Requiem Mod, Ceiling Torch Mod, Vanilla plus, Travel bag, XP-Plus mod, Tree chopper and many many other Minecraft 1.14.4 mods, be sure to check them out if you already updated your client.

Invisibility potion?

One of my friends has only started playing about a month ago and we have started a Minecraft world together. He is picking it up very fast but I have a very evil plan. He will not know about my disc 11. We have a mining hub room where he goes afk a lot of the time looking at stuff on his phone but he’s still there just not paying attention.

So my plan is to do a skeleton-creeper disc farm until I have disc 11. Hide a music box in the ceiling somewhere. Then when he’s clearly there but AFK I will say I’ve got to go for 10 mins. Mute my mic but not actually go anywhere. Wait about 2 mins. Drink an invisibility potion. Start playing disc 11 and block off the entrance with obsidian. Go around knocking out all the torches one by one. He scares easily and he WILL BE FREAKING OUT AT THIS. Then just as it reaches the end and it sounds like a monster comes out, I will hit him once with my sword as to not kill him but just give even more of a scare.

It is quite an evil plan as like I said he scares easily. Any time he is mining and finds lava he screams. Any time a creeper surprises him he also screams.

But it will be hilarious. If my id is still visible above my head then sadly I won’t be able to do most of it, all I can do is pretend I’m not there and just play disc 11 which will still freak him out having never heard it before. He will definitely think it’s some scary monster he’s never experienced before coming for him in Minecraft.

Villager problem

So I was like an idiot, I build my house near a village and I didn’t take the time to defend it. So I got mining and few day and when I came back there is two villager left, the rest were probably killed by zombies. Nothing we can do I moved on…

Then I build a wall around the village and light it up, is there is any chance my village will be populated again in a near future? How do I force my villager to make baby? I thrown a bunch of bread at them but it didn’t work, do I have to feed them bread or something?